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Copperfield Hill is located in the heart of Robbinsdale, just a block from the charming downtown area and the walking paths of Crystal Lake, and very close to North Memorial medical center, award-winning dining, pharmacies, banks, shopping, and Highways 101 and 394.


Copperfield Hill founder Darrel Farr has strong roots in the Robbinsdale community. He and his three brothers grew up nearby and attended Robbinsdale High School. When he decided to build Copperfield Hill for his mother, he knew the small-town feel and convenience Robbinsdale offered made it the perfect location.


About Robbinsdale

Abutting the northwest corner of Minneapolis, the City of Robbinsdale provides a quiet haven from the bustle of city life. Robbinsdale offers North Memorial, a highly-ranked regional medical center, a charming downtown area, convenient shopping, lake vistas, a variety of recreation activities, all only 15 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Robbinsdale conveniently neighbors several first-ring Minneapolis suburbs such as Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, New Hope, Crystal and Plymouth.

Robbinsdale’s rich history dates back to 1852. In March, 1860, a caucus was held to organize the Township of Crystal Lake. The population in 1869 was 1,023. The Township of Crystal Lake later became the Village of Crystal in order to avoid being annexed by the City of Minneapolis. In 1887 local legends report that while passing through the village on the train, Andrew B. Robbins was so pleased with the beauty of this part of the country that he could not get the memory out of his mind. He saw that because of its proximity to Minneapolis and its many natural advantages, scenic and otherwise, it could become the best residential section in the northwest. Mr. Robbins purchased ninety acres of the choicest land with the avowed purpose of making it the site of a suburban town. On April 19, 1893, the village of Robbinsdale was organized. The geographical area has remained at 2.9 square miles since that time. Today, small town tradition survives in Robbinsdale's main street businesses and family-friendly atmosphere.

And we aren’t the only ones who see all our hometown of Robbinsdale has to offer - in 2013 Robbinsdale was named the third best place to live in Minnesota. In recent news stories, people had plenty to say about Robbinsdale: “Robbinsdale has worked hard to retain its small-town character while blossoming into something of a “foodie” destination.” “Its like a small town next to a big city.” “I can’t believe that a town so close to Minneapolis has such a small-town feel. This was my first time here and I’ll be back.”

Robbinsdale is truly a community, and Copperfield Hill is so happy to be a part of it. Despite its small size, community groups flourish – the Heart of Robbinsdale Community Foundation, Robin Gallery, Robbinsdale Food CO-OP, the Diggers Garden Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Robbinsdale City Band, Robbinsdale High School Alumni Association and the American Legion are all proud to serve Robbinsdale. There are even two groups just for seniors - The Friendly Robbins Club and Robbinsdale Senior Commission.

A wide variety of businesses call Robbinsdale home, including pharmacies, health clinics, banks and over 16 restaurants – one of which is the award-winning Travail. Robbinsdale is also home to 6 churches.


Robbinsdale Fun Facts

  1. Robbinsdale has the oldest continuously active marching band in the U.S.
  2. Fawcett Publications was founded in 1919 in Robbinsdale with the publication of Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang. This history is echoed in Robbinsdale's annual summer celebration, Whiz Bang Days.
  3. More professional wrestlers have come out of Robbinsdale than any other city in the United States.
  4. Marjorie Johnson, a Blue-Ribbon Baker who has won over 2500 fair ribbons and appeared multiple times on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", and also on "The View", "The Dr. Oz Show" "Law & Order", "NYPD Blue", "One Life to Live" and more is a Robbinsdale native. She has even hosted book signings at Copperfield Hill!
  5. Robbinsdale’s nickname may be “Birdtown” but it was not named after a bird. It is named after Andrew B. Robbins, a civil war veteran, entrepreneur, state senator and former Mayor of Willmar, Minnesota. Robbins purchased 90 acres of beautiful land for development in the late 1880's.
  6. In the 1890’s the ice cut from Crystal Lake was so clear and pure it was considered to be the highest quality ice in the area.
  7. Robbinsdale was the first suburb of Minneapolis.


I lived two miles from Copperfield for 50 years.  Twice when I drove by Copperfield there were festivities going on outside and everyone looked like they were having so much fun. I finally decided to stop in and take a tour and was so impressed from the get go. I remember standing in the atrium thinking it was like living in a mansion!  I’m so glad I stopped by.


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