providing residents with a beautiful & comfortable place to live, along with the daily care and assistance they require.

About Copperfield Hill


We are delighted to introduce you to Copperfield Hill. We take great pride in our award-winning and friendly community within a community, conveniently located near the heart of downtown Robbinsdale.While some senior housing communities are prefabricate to conform to a big corporate brand, Copperfield Hill takes its inspiration from the local community. We are a CH Walk to End Alz. 2.JPGsmall family-owned and operated business committed to serving the many and diverse needs of today's seniors.

In 2020 Copperfield Hill was given the Sun Post Reader's Choice Award, marking the 10th year in a row we have been honored with this award!  The Reader's Choice Awards were started by the Sun Post in 2010, so we have won the award every year it has been given. Copperfield Hill has also received awards for its innovative building and layout.

We strongly believe one's well-being is enriched by those around us. At Copperfield Hill you'll meet new people and make new friends. You'll find a community of remarkable folks who enjoy each other's company and spending time together.


It can be difficult to get out and visit friends or attend events, which can lead to isolation and loneliness. Copperfield Hill has a unique "Life Without Loneliness" design. Our residents are just steps from old and new friends, new experiences and opportunities for socialization and enjoyment. You deserve the comfortable, care-free, and secure lifestyle you will enjoy at Copperfield Hill.


Whether entertaining your friends in our beautiful sun room or enjoying a good book in our library, sharing a classic movie in our movie room or celebrating a birthday in our dinging room, we think you will agree Copperfield Hill is much more than a senior community.  It is a place to meet new friends and rekindle old friendships, a place where opportunities are endless, a place where you know you can always get assistance if you need it, a place to feel safe, happy and loved.



I enjoy the BUDDY program and being paired with a new resident who’s not sure Copperfield is for them. I welcome them into our Copperfield family, help them get into the swing of things. Its wonderful to watch as they make new friends, try new things and fall in love with Copperfield just like I did.

-Joan Kastner, Resident

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