Fall Prevention: Some Helpful Tips

Each year, one in three adults, age 65+, fall. 20-30% of all falls cause moderate to severe injuries. Listed below are some things you can do to reduce your risk of falling:
1. Choose your shoes carefully. Low heel, slip resistant soles and non-slip-on shoes are more appropriate.
2. Clear clutter from your path. Make sure rugs and carpets are secure. Remove items from the floor that can cause tripping and make sure electrical cords are out of the way.
3. Make your bathroom fall proof. Install shower and grip bars, add non-slip strips and mats where appropriate and raise toilet seats.
4. Make sure you have areas properly lit. Place a lamp at your bedside within reach. Add nightlights and lengthen the cords on pull lights.
5. Choose furniture wisely. Choose tall furniture for easy standing and use the armrests on chairs for support. Make sure there is no clutter on the floor surrounding where you might be sitting.
6. Organize and store items properly. Keep frequently used items within your reach. Do not store items too high or too low. Never climb on a chair or step ladder to obtain something that is out of reach – seek help instead.
7. Poor eyesight, hearing and slower reflexes can cause a higher risk of falling. Find out about medication side effects. Some medications can make one feel dizzy or sleepy, making a fall more likely. Have your hearing and eyes checked. Small changes in sight and hearing may cause a fall. Wear hearing aids and eyeglasses if you have them.  Stand up slowly. This can prevent a spike in blood pressure.  Be extremely careful when walking on wet or icy surfaces.

Learn more at:  www.mayoclinic.org


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