“Next Stop, France!”

Each month in 2018, Copperfield Hill is visiting a different country or geographic region.  In April we traveled to France.  There is no shortage of wonderful things to say about this beautiful country.  With its rich history and beautiful and diverse landscape, France remains among one of the most important nations in the Western World.  France has played a significant role in international affairs with its location in Europe, and colonies all over the globe.  Major geographic boundaries such as the Alps and the Pyrenees, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea define France’s position in Europe.  The diverse landscape also allows France to be a large agricultural producer.  From grapes to cheese and fish to pastry, France dominates as a leading agricultural producer in the European Union.  It is also a major tourist destination and fashion capital.

On two separate evenings, Copperfield Hill hosted “A Night in Paris”.  Copperfield’s very own, Chef Brian created a fantastic meal to compliment the decorations, music and ambiance for the evening.  It was a special evening for all.

20180411_170936.. IMG_5789


Our next stop is Mexico.  Stay tuned………………………..