It’s Almost Here

state fair  It’s Almost Here!  In just a few weeks, the annual party known as, “The Great Minnesota Get Together”, will be here.  People from all over the Midwest will travel hundreds of miles, to have the opportunity to experience hundred of exhibits, entertainment options,  food tastings and much much more.  Here is a little history about the fair…

Minnesota State Fair History Facts
For over 150 years, the Minnesota State Fair has been an annual summer event for many.  Originally an agricultural event, the Fair’s main purpose was to encourage and promote farming in the state. It allowed local farmers to set up exhibits and show off their live stocks and crops. To this day, agriculture and animals are the main roots of the State Fair.

Many traditions have started at the fair through the years.  From agricultural and live stock competitions, to world famous entertainers, many come to the fair each year with their families.  Lines for the midway rides as well as some of the well known food booths, remind us that year after year, the fair provides fun for all.  Millions of people have visited to view the ribbon winners for pigs and chickens as well as bread and quilts.

Another long time tradition for Fair goers has been taking a ride on the Ye Old Mill.  Opening in 1915 and still operating today, making it the oldest amusement ride at the Fair. It is also known as the Tunnel of Love, since many fair goers shared their first kiss here or got engaged while on the ride. It is also a place to escape the heat on a hot fair day.

The Minnesota State Fair being as famous as it is has even pulled in some national icons. The State Fair has hosted 5 different presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Dwight Eisenhower. During Teddy Roosevelt’s stop at the State Fair he gave one of his most famous speeches: “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”.

In the 158 years since the state fair began, the state fair has only been missed 5 times! In 1861 and 1862 due to the Civil war, 1893 due to the World’s Fair in Chicago, 1945 due to World War 2, and 1946 during the polio epidemic.

There is no end of fun to be had at the State Fair.  The Fair will run this year from August 24 through September 4th.  More information can be found at