The What and Why – of Memory Screening

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.

Last week, Copperfield Hill, offered a free memory screening test.  The screening was confidential and was offered to individuals who had questions and or concerns about memory loss. The objective for the memory screening is early detection and intervention of memory loss.  Screening presents a valuable opportunity for participants to start the discussion about memory and memory loss.

You might wonder: What is a memory screening? Do I need memory screening?

Going in for an annual checkup with the doctor to check out your heart, lungs, eyes and hearing is common. Think of a screening as a checkup for your memory and cognitive skills. The screening does not lead to any type of diagnosis. It is just a tool to see how your memory is now and how that can help with future comparisons. The screening is simply a series of questions and simple tasks, it takes just a few minutes.

Having a screening is taking a big step toward identifying if you may have any memory problems. You might find out that a more detailed medical visit is necessary. If results indicate that your memory is healthy, plan on another screening in a year. In the meantime, you can exercise your brain in many ways. Here are a few ideas: do puzzles like jigsaw and crossword, learn a new board game or card game, take an interest in the activities in your local church or civic center, study a language. Everyone wants to age successfully. Visiting your doctor regularly, eating a healthy diet, exercising and just using common sense as far as safety goes – these will all contribute to better health and successful aging.

For more information, please visit the National Memory Screening Program at or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.



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